April 13, 2009

concerts vs TV

I recently took my son to a Wiggles concert. I found it a great reminder of the value of live performance. During the performance my son: yelled help to the actors on stage (eg. "It's over there"), he sung the songs and he collapsed with laughter at the tickling and silly antics of Captain Feathersword. He didn't dance, it doesn't seem to be his thing.
The content of the show wasn't that different from some Wiggles TV. But my son has never interacted with the TV when watching the Wiggles - no singing, no dancing and no talking to the TV. There is usually plenty of laughter though. I can try and encourage him to do these things when watching TV by acting it up myself, to no avail. 
So, what's the difference?
At a show the actors feel like real people. Wouldn't you answer if someone spoke directly to you? And at a show, there are hundreds of other people singing, dancing and enjoying themselves - what an atmosphere of enjoyment and an example of how to behave. 
When we go to a concert there is also a feeling of special occasion - this is something special, it is going to be lots of fun. In contrast, the TV is always there. 
Our family won't stop watching TV, but I will take my sons to concerts when I can.
Have you seen any great childrens concerts lately?

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A Vecchioni said...

Great point about live theater being interactive. Years ago I worked at a children’s theater. I remember during Rapunzel—without fail, when the witch snuck up behind the prince, all the kids in the audience desperately tried to warn the prince of the danger. It was just precious.