June 18, 2009

5 ways to add wonder and adventure to your backyard

IMG_2441 We’ve been thinking about adding some children’s play areas to our backyard. I think we’ve decided upon a fort, but I wanted to share some of the great ideas I’ve seen for making your backyard a fun and wonderful adventure for children …
  1. create a fantastic fort-style backyard play structure.
  2. create a fairy garden – a big one like the one shown at the top of this post or a miniature fairy garden as seen at There is no place like home.labyrinth
  3. make a labyrinth for your children to walk as shown at Montessori by Hand. I think that this would be a very calming activity for children.
  4. create a dinosaur theme garden with prehistoric plants, models of dinosaurs and maybe even a fossil dig site.
  5. create a banging wall as seen at Soulemama
Actually, I’d love to do all of these things in our garden, but I’d better start small – and I’m starting to talk my handy husband around to building a fort.

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