June 29, 2009

in june

Well, mostly everyone was sick, but here is some of the more interesting stuff …
IMG_2372 bike riding robot drawing on sandpaper
hitting baseballs. We got a stand to hit off from our local toy library and B has been whacking them out into our yard (but he still calls it ‘that funny cricket’).
dress-ups, above you can see B dressed as a robot and J as a pirate. B made the robot costume at his Kindy from a cereal box.
drawing on sandpaper
doing puzzles


Liz at Babyblooze said...

Can you tell us more about the drawing with sandpaper activity?

Cool site, btw!

A Vecchioni said...

Those sound like good, wholesome activities. You've covered the four corners: artistic expression, pretend play, conceptual problem solving and physical activity!

CatWay said...

Thanks for the comments.
For drawing on sandpaper we just used crayons on sandpaper. It feels different to drawing on paper and I wanted to add a new element to keep my son drawing for a while whilst I was busy with his brother. As it turned out, my son really liked it and completely coloured large areas of the sandpaper (something he doesn't do with normal paper). He was also very interested in how they make sandpaper and whether they use sand from the beach!