June 21, 2009

local adventures

I’ve been looking forward to the school holidays – my son isn’t at school yet, but since so many commitments take a break over the holidays it just seems like we’ll have some extra time. I’ve been planning some local adventures for us. Here is our list for exploring our town and surrounds …
  • swim at the pool
  • catch a fish
  • visit the museum
  • swim at our local waterhole
  • go on a hike (a short one in a nearby nature park)
  • treasure hunting at the beach
  • camp for a night in the backyard
  • go wild at the local playcentre
  • explore some new playgrounds in our city
  • visit the wildlife park
  • if we can find a friend who’ll share their GPS, go geocaching
  • picnic at the botanic gardens
What adventures are you planning for the school holidays?

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