June 29, 2009

what we’re reading this week


Hairy Maclary still reigns supreme but also …

A to Z of Australian Animals (published by Young Reed)

The stand-out thing about this book is the stunning photographs of Australian wildlife. My son is really enjoying finding out what I know about each of the different animals and because most letters feature a range of Australian animals he is getting a good feel for how each letter has it’s own sound.

And if you’re interested X is for Xylocopa bee.

Baby Touch Playbook (published by Ladybird books)

I’m trying to spend more time reading with my baby, and this books suits us both. He’s pretty active and the different textures and other tricks in this book help keep him interested and I can talk about whatever he is focussing on in the book.

The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne

I’ve been reading this aloud while my boys are playing (quietly playing). My eldest is really enjoying it and stops every so often to tell me “He’s a silly old bear.”

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