July 13, 2009

31 adventures I’d love to have with my kids

IMG_1851 I’ve seen a couple of lists of 100 things to do with your kids this summer (at Salt and Chocolate and digital reflections) and they got me thinking of things I’d love to do with my kids. I admit I have a big list of activities and I could share that, but I started thinking about the bigger picture – experiences I’d like to share with my children as they grow up. I started with the goal of 100 things but it got a bit unrealistic and I was including things that I might like to do but that my sons might not. So, in the interest of realism here is a shorter list of things I think we’d all like to do (please note that the links are to whet your appetite and I do not endorse the products or guarantee that they offer the best deals) …

  1. visit Disneyland
  2. sail on a yacht (you can do this in the Whitsundays)
  3. go on a night safari at Singapore Zoo
  4. sleep under the stars
  5. go geocaching (I don’t think it will be this school holidays, we couldn’t find any friends with a GPS)
  6. have a mud bath (something like this in New Zealand)
  7. go snorkelling
  8. go rock climbing
  9. learn snowboarding or skiing
  10. visit the Great Barrier Reef (ideally, I’d go to Lady Musgrave Island, I’ve camped there before and it is awesome)
  11. see turtles hatching
  12. go gold panning (okay, we’ve already done this one – twice - with our oldest son, as you can see in the photo – but I think it’s likely to be a family obsession, so it made the list)
  13. visit a chocolate factory
  14. go whale-watching
  15. go fossicking for gems and/or fossil hunting
  16. ride on a big rollercoaster
  17. ride on a steam train
  18. catch a metre-long barramundi (yes, my husband is mad about fishing)
  19. visit London (and my sister!)
  20. eat with chopsticks
  21. visit Santa in the North Pole (well, there seem to be lots of Santas’ to visit near the North Pole, so I might need a recommendation here?)
  22. swim with dolphins
  23. go up in a hot air balloon
  24. get lost in a living maze
  25. see our favourite animals in the wild (my favourite is hippopotamus)
  26. see an eclipse/meteor shower
  27. take a road trip around Australia
  28. spend Christmas in the snow
  29. build a big sandcastle
  30. go horse-riding
  31. bury a time capsule

What adventures would you love to have with your children?


PlanningQueen said...

I would also love to take the children on a road trip around Australia. I would also love to live in a developing country volunteering with my kids for a year or so. It would be a great way for us all to gain some perspective on how fortunate we are.

Melissa said...

If you ever make it to Michigan (United States), look us up. We'd love to take you geocaching! I'm not sure where in Australia you live, but if you check you might be able to find someone near you who geocaches. If you're leary about that, see if there are any "geocaching events" in your area. I promise you'll meet some nice people there who would LOVE to take you out.