August 20, 2009

5 simple science projects to try at home

  • make a weather station, No Time for Flashcards has an example, and start observing the weather. While your thinking about the weather, you might also like to make a rain gauge, Global Garden shows you how to make an easy one.
  • sort stuff as described at Spaghetti Box Kids (while your there look at the other Kid’s Science activities).
  • create some discovery bottles. There are plenty of ideas at and Hummingbird Educational Resources to get you started. I like these because once they are made they are a non-messy, adult-free way for your child to keep coming back to science concepts.
  • make oobleck. It uses only cornflour, water and food colouring and has some interesting scientific properties. Okay, this is not simple if you count cleaning up the mess!
  • try the rainbow in a bag colour mixing experiments described at The Artful Parent

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