August 13, 2009

ice-cream in a bag

gather your ingredientsice-cream ingredients
mix in a ziploc baggiemaking icecream place small baggie in a bigger ziploc bag filled with ice and saltmaking ice-cream
roll bags back and forth to freeze the ice cream making icecream eat and enjoy!
eating icecream
If you’d like to try this, we used the recipe from Countertop Chemistry. And I’ll add these tips to the recipe, I’ve found gently rolling the bag back and forth works better than rocking, but you need to protect your hands with a towel (see picture above). If you mix by rolling, you might want to double bag the ice-cream mixture before putting it in the larger bag to prevent holes and salty tasting ice-cream.
What will your child learn by doing this activity? For preschooler’s they will see that ice-cream can be made by cooling milk. For older children, you can explain that salt lowers the freezing point of ice helping to set the ice-cream. If you want to investigate further, you could try making different flavours of ice-cream or compare the bag method to mixing the ingredients and putting them in the freezer.

I've linked this post to a new blog I'm enjoying A Little Fun with Me and Lu, who hosts Kids in the Kitchen. So, go and see what others are cooking and make something with your kids.


Sherry said...

Ive never tried this, how much fun it looks!! Thank you for participating!!

Christina said...

So much easier than turning the handle on the ice cream maker we had when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing this fun idea! I love that my son could eat it since I could use all natural ingredients for it!