September 3, 2009


In June, I wrote about Walking with the Seasons in Kakadu, by Diane Lucas and our Wurrgeng nature table. Recently, we took a walk to search for signs of Gurrung,

‘the dry hot season’.

The hotter weather is very noticeable now, and we also found on our walk that Gurrung brings mosquitoes. We found the red flowers of andjeermain, kurrajong, the big green fruits of andjed, the kapok and the flowers of andak, the yellow plum tree (you can also see a green ant nest in the photo – where the leaves are stuck together with the white thready stuff).


We have not made a nature table this time, because my son is collecting seeds, so we added seeds of kapok to our bowl (in picture below, kapok seed pod is at far right in front of bowl).


We will hopefully be able to go fishing this weekend (we’ve been trying for a few weeks now, but there is always something …) and then we should see many of the waterbirds – magpie geese, pelicans, ducks and brolga – gathering in the last billabongs.

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