October 8, 2009

paper roll family

toilet roll family
Aren’t they cute … My crafty friend Zoe sent me this idea to create a paper roll family (okay, a toilet roll family, but I see that some people find that icky and you could use paper towel rolls or something else, ).
How to:
  • print out pictures of your family members and cut out the faces. The slightly tricky part is finding pictures where the faces are roughly the same size – if they’re not you end up with a pinhead dad and it just looks silly (!). If you let your child cut out the faces, as I did, be sure to explain that they should include hair and ears (or draw an oval around the face for them to follow)
  • take your paper rolls and poke a hole on either side, about halfway down for the arms. You can now thread in your pipecleaner arms.
  • glue the faces on the paper roll
Zoe also created a paper roll cat for a family pet (I would have made a pet but we currently only have chickens and B didn’t want chickens in his family – lucky for me.) For a pet (a cat or dog anyway), I would lay the paper roll down and use tape to attach the face to the open end of the roll and you’ll need to make 4 legs and a tail with pipecleaners.


Christie Burnett said...

Love this idea! Will link to it in a post tomorrow if that is okay.


CatWay said...

I don't mind if you link. I love links. It is a great idea. Even my baby loves them - he looks and points to them and then to us and talks.