November 21, 2009

a handful of christmas card ideas

I think it is going to be hard to limit myself to a handful, but here are some ideas for making Christmas cards with your children …
  1. Cut pictures from old cards, wrapping paper or Christmas-themed magazines and make a collage.  You could use a paper punch (for example a circle) for cutting out to tie the look together.
  2. Cut up your potatoes to make Christmas stamps.  The easy way to create the Christmas picture on the potato, push in a cookie cutter and cut around the outside.
  3. Kids Craft Weekly has got not 1 but 2 fabulous newsletters with ideas for making cards – simple cards and fancy cards
  4. send an ecard from JibJab.  These are a lot of fun, you can create cards or movies.  [WARNING: not all the cards available on this site are child-friendly, you will want to supervise your children].  You can see my card here.  

  5. and if all that is not enough The Cartoon Blog, by Dave Walker has one million ideas – 10 ideas for materials, 10 ideas for tools to use, 10 subject ideas, 10 colours to use, 10 ideas for sizes and shapes, and 10 ideas for messages.
Do you make Christmas cards with your children?  What is your favourite way to make cards?

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PlanningQueen said...

We make Christmas cards. The last couple of years we have done things like use the software paint and create a picture on the computer. This year the kids drew a picture and then we scanned them. You have some great ideas listed.