December 9, 2009

Land Art

A little while ago The Artful Parent posted a link to this Land Art for Kids – On the beach book, by Richard Schilling & Julia Brooklyn.  I haven’t gotten around to making any land art, but my wonderful friend Zoe (of the paper roll family) has been inspired.
Here are some creations she made with her son (all from materials lying on the ground) …
a christmas star
 Land Art Star 
and a train, complete with snail driver
Land Art Train
Awesome.  I’d better get out there and give this a try.  If you’d like to try land art as well you can preview and buy the book by following the link.  It is truly amazing and inspiring.


DEBI said...

Absolutely LOVE this idea, Catherine! Just might have to try this for an upcoming Fun Friday over on Go Explore Nature! Thanks for the inspiration.

Melitsa said...

Those are great. We love doing that indoors with stuff we can find to make letters. What a fab idea for outdoors :)

Melissa said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Things I probably wouldn't have thought of by myself!

teachmama said...

I love, love, love this idea!! It would be awesome for kiddos to try it on their own and then everyone travels from one part of the yard to the next to observe artwork--fun!!

Richard Shilling said...

Hi Catherine

There are loads of projects and ideas at if you like this kind of thing!


Ramona - Learning Activities said...

I love art from nature - it is the most beautiful. I did a similar post on this topic and mentioned a fantastic artist called Andy Goldsworthy, I don't know if you have heard of him or his work, but you will love it! Here is a link: