February 22, 2010

collecting postcards

We received these postcards from my father in London this week.  It reminded me of the postcard collection I had when I was younger.  My father started that collection, as he used to send my sister and I a postcard whenever he went overseas. 
Postcards make a great item for children to collect.  There are many ways in which they can be used for learning.  Each one gives a little bit of information about the place they were sent from.  You could also collect postcards of particular things, for example, animals or works of art.  Once you have a bit of a collection the postcards can then be used for talking about characteristics and making comparisons of different places, animals, works of art and so on.
To kickstart our collection I will ask various family and friends to help us with a little mail swap, since they are scattered around Australia and the world (and since B is very interested in sending and receiving mail lately).  Another way you can get a collection started is by joining Postcrossing.  I’m happy to swap with any of you as well – leave a comment if you are interested.


DEBI said...

My son absolutely loves getting mail -- and he also loves maps. This is a fantastic idea. I'd be willing to participate if you're looking for a pal in Los Angeles!

Playing by the book said...

I hadn't heard of Postcrossing and it sounds great - but do you know of something like it specifically for children?

Mel said...

I LOVED getting post cards as a kid--still do, but not many people send them anymore when they can email from just about anywhere.

My friend and I send each other the most obnoxious post cards we can find--it's amazing what's out there.

CatWay said...

There is an American States postcard swap hosted by Adventures and Pursuits
or hosts all sorts of swaps. I don't know of any other places that have a children's postcard swap.

katepickle said...

My Mum always sends a postcard if she goes away (even for just one night LOL) and my kids adore them!! Such a cool thing to collect!

amandab said...

I had bookmarked this post so I wouldn't forget about Postcrossing. We have sent our first 5 postcards, and can't wait to get some back. Two of my friends have also signed up now too!

If it works well for us I am hoping to create a wall space with a map of the world with pins and all the postcards around it. I'm also going to create a book with the scanned images and text. I am hoping both of these will be nice keepsakes for my daughter, and will teach her about the world and its differences/similarities.

CatWay said...

Amanda, I love your idea of a map, although it will have to be quite a big map. I hope you get lots of great postcards.

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

Hi Catherine,

Just to let you know I've started working on a post for an international kids postcard exchange - I shall work on it over Easter break, so it should be ready by mid April - will keep you posted (ha ha!)