February 3, 2010

miniature zen garden

Since the first time I saw one of those miniature zen gardens for your desktop at the shops, I have thought that it would be great to make one.  But it seemed that although I could get rocks, sand and a suitable container it was hard to find something attractive to use for a rake (a fork being practical but not attractive).  Then, I saw the minature zen garden at the Magic Onions … simple and brilliant.  So I got out the glue gun (you can see that I haven’t had much hot gluing experience) …
 zen garden tools zen garden
B helped.  We searched for zen gardens on Flickr so that he knew what we were making and had some ideas for arranging the rocks and raking patterns in the sand.  He played around for a while, mounding up the sand and putting a single rock on top or placing rocks artistically throughout the garden, but I think his favourite part of the activity was seeing the magic sticking power of a hot glue gun!
Now to put a little bridge over a pond in the garden… hmmm.

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jenny said...

We made 2 minature zen gardens at preschool and looked high and low for small tools - I love your idea!