February 17, 2010

photography projects for kids

I wrote about the basics of introducing a camera to your preschooler earlier this year.  Here are some photography projects to try to keep your child interested and improving …
  • have a scavenger hunt – find things that are blue, things that start with the letter G, things with wheels, you get the idea
  • take pictures and create a photo book (similar to a scavenger hunt but with a book product)– for example take photos for a counting book, a book about colours or take photos of groups of objects and create an “I Spy” book
  • have your child document a day in their life
  • take photos during a special outing and write a story to accompany the pictures, at the end of this post you can see the story my son and I created after visiting a local wildlife park.
  • have your child take photos of the same subject using a variety of different angles
  • take photos of the members of your family to create a family tree
You can also create some amazing products with photos taken by your child.  Here are some ideas …
  • print the photos and make albums or photobooks
  • frame their best photos
  • email photos to family and friends or post them on a blog (for example, my son and I wrote about our visit to a wildlife park and emailed it to our family – you can see the story below)
  • photo printing services can put a photo on a t-shirt, or a bag, a cup, a keyring, just about anything really
  • print a photograph (for the best results at a large size)and cut it up to create a photo puzzle.  For more fun, you could use these instructions from Photojojo to create a photo puzzle to be sent piece by piece through the mail and put together at the other end.
  • mix and match photos to create a funny photo book, instructions are here at the HP website
  • upload some photos to Flickr.  You can then use tools such as those at BigHugeLabs to create fun things with your photos, such as mosaics, magazine covers or a pop art poster.
Here is a photo project my son and I made recently.  We used photos we took at a visit to a local wildlife park to write a story about our trip to send to relatives.


Today we went to the crocodile park.
Mum and I took photos.

We saw crocodiles.  One snapped his jaws.
We also saw alligators.
We saw turtles.
We saw a wombat.
We saw emus and ostriches. 
We saw an ocelot. 
We saw a tiger.
wallaroo and joey
We saw kangaroos and wallabies.  The mummy kangaroo has a joey in its pouch.


DEBI said...

Great post, Catherine! When my son first got his camera, we created a Nature ABC book. I'd forgotten how much fun that was. Now that he's a little older, I'd love to encourage him to create a story, too. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Sarah Mitchell said...

Hi Catherine,

I really enjoyed this post. I went down this path with my toddler accidentally. We visited a wildlife park and he wanted a camera so we bought him a disposable one in the gift shop. The pictures were hysterical, he had a ball and now it's a "thing" in our family. The great thing about the throw-away cameras is no one gets too upset when they're dropped, even when they plop in the lake which happened to us once.

Kara said...

This is a terrific post - great tips and I love the photos ;-) Thank you!

We have given my 8 year old a camera, but you know I bet my 3 year old would love it, too.

Kristine said...

Fantastic post. I really like the idea of taking photos for a purpose and also making them into books. My little one would love both of those activities.

Mike Barlow said...

Our kids love to shoot photos, but these are great ideas that can take that idea to the next level! We have been thinking about creating a photography workshop in our store... you have inspired me!

A Vecchioni said...

Solid ideas! I love the scavenger hunt and photo on a T-shirt. Our son is older now, but we got him started with a camera at an early age, and he still goes on photo shoots. It's an excellent activity for little ones to keep them thinking creatively about their surroundings.

Expat Mom said...

Great ideas! I'll be using some of these with my oldest. He's four and has been using our camera for the past year . . . he takes excellent photos! He's gotten quite a few good ones of the rest of us, as well as some of his favorite things.

I find it fascinating to see what kids focus on with their photos. My son is really into textures and does closeups of all kinds of things, like the sofa, a rusty pipe, etc.

endy smith said...

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Danny said...

Thank you for this article,
One more idea I would like to share in reference to printing photos - use a kids polaroid camera... the photo is printed immediately and it's then much easier to actually "feel" the outcome of the photography project.

Dung Maurice said...

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