April 21, 2010

five senses in the garden

gang gang
When I posted about my garden dreaming my friend Zoe (of the paper roll family and Land Art) wrote to tell me about what she has done to make her garden child-friendly.  She used an idea from a garden book suggesting that a child-friendly garden should stimulate the 5 senses.
Here is how she has tried to incorporate the 5 senses into her garden (I should mention that she lives on a property in rural Victoria) …
Taste: I bought native plants that you can eat such as midgim berries, mountain peppers, lemon myrtle and a finger lime.  I justify this as a reason NOT to spray the blackberries near the house, and having picnics in the orchard has been very satisfying this summer.
Sight: CONTRAST is how I view this - different colours, different shapes, so trees, bushes, grasses, climbers.percussion stump
Hearing: we have the percussion stump (see picture). I also have a 'bell' tree - an agonis hung with strings of bells.
Smell: a variety of things, not just flowers: the lemon myrtle leaves smell fantastic.  I also have a curry bush and a boronia that smells of aniseed.
Touch: All sorts of things, again I go for contrast like banksia seed pods or trees with different barks.
Other child friendly elements in the garden aregarden animals     garden animals
  • animals spread through out the garden (those in the pictures were bought from a great native nursery in Melbourne)
  • glazed dishes down on the ground with water for the birds (too shallow for drowning) - we've had lots of wrens having a bath and the gang gangs drinking from them.
Thanks to Zoe for sharing her garden ideas.  I love the idea of a bell tree and those animal sculptures.  I’m a bit obsessed with child-friendly gardens at the moment so there will probably be more garden stuff to come.


jenny said...

I love reading about what other people are doing in the gardens and playgrounds - so inspiring. She has put so much thought into the space - and I am loving the stump idea!

SquiggleMum said...

Great photo of a gang gang cockatoo!! Love it.

Veronica said...

This is how we're slowly working things out too. I can't wait for winter to hit properly, even though I HATE the cold, because I am desperate to plant more fruit trees. I'm also planning on just wandering through the paddock, scattering flower seeds and hoping they take.

I need to string some bells in trees though. There is something about bells that is just calming and fantastic.

Melissa (@adventuroo) said...

That bell tree is so neat!

The Original SuperParent said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Catherine. Cheers, Colin

Playing by the book said...

Love this idea - a great way to think again about the garden. And I wanted to let you know the International Postcard Swap we talked about is now happening!

Hope you can join in :-)