May 29, 2010

almost a handful of international postcards

Here are the cards we’ve received in from Playing by the Book’s, International Family Postcard Swap.  So far we have only received 4 (hopefully #5 is coming slowly and not lost), but I don’t want to leave it too long and forget to post about them.
We have been finding each country on the world map as the postcards arrived and putting a sticker of the flag on the map.  I had plans to make a theme dinner for each country, but we have not got far with that yet.  Perhaps if you sent one of these cards you’d like to recommend a dish for us to try from your country. 
From Aimee and family of Adventures and Pursuits in the USA
From Canada
From the UK, this
and from Zoe and family of Playing by the Book
(Actually, there were 2 from Zoe and family but I don’t want to reveal where she lives)
Thanks so much to everyone for the postcards.  We have had fun looking forward to the mail.  And we have lots of books to look for in the library.


amandab said...

Those are some lovely postcards! And we have had many good book suggestions also, which we have been enjoying. :)

We have received 4 of our 5 postcards, and I really must post the last 2 we have received and finish replying to them. Being sick has put me behind on everything except reading books at the moment, but I am looking forward to getting my energy and focus back.

This was certainly a great experience, and I am glad we followed you into it :)

Deb said...

We've got some lovely ones from all over - a couple from the US, England, the Bahamas and the Marshall Islands! It's been great fun getting our atlas out and finding them all. I need to go through the blog lists and try to find them to say thank you.

Playing by the book said...

Thanks for not revealing my TOP SECRET location :-)!! (no, seriously, that was thoughtful of you, and anyway J's card was much nicer than the one I sent I think!) As to a recipe...hmmm.. here's a relatively local recipe:

or you could just eat a lot of Cadbury's chocolate (if you can get it in Australia) as that's also a "local" speciality!

A favourite recipe from our family is this decadent chocolate cake: