June 26, 2010

a handful of posts to help make your camping trip with children a success

We are heading out camping this weekend.  We will have to pack our sense of humour and not expect to get any sleep.  Here are some things I have been reading as I plan our trip …
I just have to add in one more link, that I just found (via @goexplorenature) – Camping With Little Kids – with the most realistic advice I have read about sleeping when camping with young children.
Have you been camping with your children?  What is your top tip for camping with children?


Debi said...

Yay for you! Can't wait to hear of your camping adventures. We will definitely be heeding much of this great advice when we take the boys camping for the first time later this summer!

Aspiring Mum said...

We've been camping with our kids. The first night is usually the hardest due to a change of scenery, but we usually try to keep them active during the day to tire them out for the night. And we try to keep the bedtime routine similar to the one at home. Enjoy your trip!

Kristine said...

We've only been camping twice since having kids. The first with just our oldest then a few months ago with the two kids. For us the greatest challenge is setting up camp and packing away. We've discovered
* if we're going to arrive late we're better off hiring accomodation for the first night and setting up camp when we're all fresh the next day
* investing 10 minutes of attention to playing with the kids earns us 10 minutes of setting up camp time when they'll play unaided
* it's a good time to bring out food or a new (or not seen for a while) toy - a mangnifying glass or bug catcher work well. As they get older a nature treasure hunt list works well
Otherwise camping seems to work for us - the kids love the novelty of it and all the 'treats' of being on holiday - spotlighting at night, camp dinners, playing with other kids in the campsite and a relaxed family.

So far we've only used caravan parks we're hoping to get a little more adventerous when the weather warms up.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Leanne said...

Kristen, you've learnt a lot in your two trips. You'll be like old hands when you leave the caravan parks behind :-)

Hope you have a fab time Catherine! Thanks for including me in your list of links.

Jackie H. said...

We're going camping this weekend!! With a 2 year old and a 5 month old. Of course, we're just staying in camping cabins this time. My tip? Bring along the grandparents. Great to have extra hands!!
PS. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Karen said...

Thanks for the tip Jackie H. Bring the grandparents will surely help a lot in watching the kids especially the baby but maybe just the Lola(s). Lolo(s) can be very grumpy during camping adventure so definitely no to Lolo(s).

Michelle said...

The best adventure for my kids is camping. Camping is something they look forward to every summer. The experiences and memories serve as a lifelong foundation for understanding and open communication for the family.