July 31, 2010

10 ways for you and your child to make the world a better place today

  1. Smile
  2. Send a letter or make a card for a friend who you don’t see often enough
  3. Plant a tree
  4. Say something nice to everyone you meet
  5. Pick up any rubbish on the ground wherever you go
  6. Give a hug to a friend
  7. Sort through your toys and find some to donate to charity
  8. Bake cookies or a cake for someone
  9. Do something to make your backyard more friendly for wildlife – for example, you could add a bird bath or a nesting box
  10. Adopt an animal – many zoos allow you to make a donation to adopt an animal.  The money helps fund wildlife conservation programs at the zoo.  You get photos and updates about the animal.

1 comment:

Kelly Coyle DiNorcia said...

Great suggestions! May I also suggest that if you wish to adopt an animal, many animal shelters, at least here in the US, will also allow you to "adopt" a homeless dog or cat (or other animal) and your donation will help to defray the cost of the animal's care. :)