July 10, 2010

a handful of breakfast ideas for children

I’ve been enthusiastically/obsessively reading this blog lately – It’s Not About Nutrition.  I love her ideas of
And this strategy for handling treat foods is simple genius.
I’ve been trialling some of the ideas around our house and one area where we could definitely use more variety is breakfast – we have toast or Weetbix just about every morning.  So, here are some simple breakfast ideas that I think my children will eat.
  1. instead of toast & spread we could have toast with ham and cheese or toast with baked beans or make french toast.
  2. make smoothies
  3. eggs – scrambled eggs, toad in the hole or an omelette would probably be the favourite choices
  4. I’m keen to try this cheese roll I saw at Juggling Motherhood
  5. yoghurt – there are 101 ways to flavour plain yoghurt at Fix Me a Snack and It’s Not About Nutrition shows you how to use them to increase variety in your child’s diet.  That works for me because my two already like to eat yoghurt.
What do your children like to eat for breakfast?


Aspiring Mum said...

We tend to do cereal, toast and fruit during the week. Our weekends are for variety - pancakes, eggs etc.

amandab said...

I am a toast girl, simple because I prefer a hot meal not matter what time of day it is, but I can't be bothered fussying with eggs and bacon everyday (which is probably a good thing!).

Princess prefers a Smoothie for breakfast as she loves milk, yoghurt and berries, plus she has the fun of making it for herself :)

Katie Everyday Mum said...

I am a big foodie and varied breakfast is my favourite meal of the day but we almost always do the boring cereal thing for breakfast (probably cause it is the quickest and easiest)but once in a while I will do a special breakfast with ham and cheese croissants, pancakes, eggs,bacon and all those yummy things. Having an everyday varied breakfast menu would be a much less boring way to start the day - just have to be more organised, lol.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

My small boys will not eat eggs ... *sigh* so mnay missed breakfast opportunities. We eat cereal most days , I try to mix varieties.
Great ideas here...our brekky treats are Sunday bacon (sans eggs for twins) and pancakes sometimes.

Elise said...

At the moment my children are going through a phase of loving raisin toast for brekkie. They usually have toast or yoghurt and some fruit (strawberries are a favourite).

Marita said...

Variety is good. My girls get so fixated on having the same thing every day that I will on purpose not buy certain cereals for months.

Toast and pancakes with fruit are other breakfast favs.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Immy is loving french toast at the moment, though we usually save it for weekends. Whenever I feel that Immy is not interested in breakfast, I mix it up and we try to add something new to our list of choices.