October 29, 2010

10 ways to make November memorable

  1. make your own spring racing carnival hats (I love this hat-making idea from scrumdilly-do), get out the broom and gallop around while you watch the Melbourne Cup.
  2. wear a red poppy to mark Remembrance Day.  Poppies are the symbol for Remembrance Day – find out more about the Red Poppy of Flanders.
  3. go bushwalking
  4. bake bread.  Annabel Karmel has an easy to follow recipe for cheesy bread rolls.
  5. play backyard cricket
  6. take advantage of the increasing amounts of sunlight and build a solar cooker.
  7. get out on the water – you could go for a ride on a ferry, take a boat out for a fishing trip or paddle a canoe
  8. visit the art gallery, talk about the painting and use your insights as inspiration to paint a picture when you get home.
  9. start an ant farm
  10. look for rainbows after a rain shower or try creating your own rainbows

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