November 25, 2010

Christmas decorating with children

IMG_2855 Some people don’t mind if their Christmas decorating looks eclectic and odd and are happy to let their children do all the decorating (this is me – it hides the fact that I’m challenged in the decorating department anyway!).   Other people like things their way (possibly receive more guests than me) and don’t want to put their children completely in charge.
But your children will be thrilled to contribute to Christmas decorating in some way and it will add to their joy through the holiday season.
So, here are a few ways in which children can contribute to decorating the house for Christmas …
  • let them decorate the Christmas tree or perhaps you could dedicate a branch in a vase or small tree just for the children.  Or let them decorate a tree or trees in your garden.
  • get them to make a wreath.  You could put it on their bedroom door if you already have one for your front door.  Activity Village has some simple wreath making idea.
  • make garlands by stringing popcorn, making a paper chain or hanging a string of Christmas pictures.
  • have them decorate a window or two with drawing (you can get window crayons), painting or by sticking things to contact paper and then putting the contact paper on the window. 
  • make ornaments for the tree.  Children could sew some simple felt ones and glue on jewels and ribbon to decorate them (like these ideas from Activity Village) or make some with salt dough and clay and decorate with glitter. 
How do your children contribute to your Christmas decorating?
This post is part of sharing Christmas.  Visit tomorrow to see other bloggers ideas for Christmas decorating.


Joni Llanora said...

Nice tips. I did ask my daughter's help to put on the decorative stickers on our doors. No patterns at all. It doesn't matter. I knew she enjoyed it & would hopefully look back on that memory with a smile.

amandab said...

I have to admit, I am a bit of a Christmas Tree Nazi and have to have it looking kind of symmetrical and decorations of the same colour cannot be next to each other. That said, I DO let Princess decorate with us (it's a whole family affair and we even include a Nana), and she also has some special decorations made with pictures of her each year which I order from Snapfish which she gets to put up.

This year she is also getting a tree for her bedroom, and I am making an advent calender which is holding all the decorations. That way it will be finished just in time for Christmas and she can do it however she likes :)