November 14, 2010

creating a Christmas candleholder

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B and I are working together to create handmade gifts to give to his grandmothers this year.

We brainstormed ideas of things that we could make, but this seemed to produce a lot of ideas that I thought were okay and my son did not want to do and a few difficult to achieve ideas that my son wanted to do.
So, I changed tactic and we discussed the materials available  and what we could do with different materials.  And B decided he wanted to make something with clay.
After some discussion we decided upon a tea light candleholder.

We had a look at some different designs around the web …
clay tea light holders
a sandcastle candle
la candlera II
clay lights
My son decided he wanted to add glitter and sand to decorate the clay.  So we made some drawings and looked through our materials.  We were ready to start.

We used Sculpey.  My son found it a little hard to work with.  He has not had much experience with using clay.  But we ended up with …

which B was very happy with.

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amandab said...

Very nice :)

I found a great product the other night, which would not work for this unfortunately, which mixes clay with paper. When dry it has more of a paper feel. I am thinking it would be good for Christmas decorations (not going to smash :) )

I think we are going to make gifts specially for the Nanas this year too, but we will be going to the local pottery and preserving some artwork on a plate :)

Marita said...

They are so cute and such a simple yet fabulous idea.

We like to give a little gift to each of the girls Uncles and Aunts who give them presents. Can be a real challenge finding something nice that the girls can make, so thank you for the inspiration :)

Deb said...

They're beautiful, I love that he was involved every step. We have the teacher and friends covered but we're still deciding what to do for grandparents, we have a little more time for that one! I'm so excited that the big girl is old enough to be involved with it all and understand what giving presents is about.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Oooh they are so cute. What a great idea. And I'm sure they will be treasured in years to come (as handmade gifts always are)!

Deb Chitwood said...

A candle holder is a great idea! I think candles are so popular at Christmastime anyway. A handmade candle holder would definitely be a welcome addition to the yearly Christmas decorations!

Miss Carly said...

Oh wow! These are fantastic. I have use salt-dough before with 3-5 year olds and they didn't find that too easy to mainpulate.

{Sorry it has taken me so long to get here!}