November 27, 2010

help! I need more activities for my advent calendar

2009-12-15-) XmasCountdown (1)

Here are the activities I used last year (some with added links to help you out) …
  • decorate the Christmas tree
  • make a Christmas milkshake
  • read a Christmas book
  • write a letter to Santa – if you are in Australia here are the details for posting your letter
  • watch a Christmas movie
  • go to Carols by Candlelight
  • make the house smell like Christmas  - try this Gumnut potpourri
  • go and see Santa
  • make your own flavour of ice-cream
  • buy a gift for a child in need and put it under the wishing tree
  • buy a new Christmas decoration (another family tradition of ours - to buy a decoration for each child each year, they will take these when they leave home)
  • start a family puzzle
  • make a Christmas CD/find some new Christmas music
  • make some Christmas decorations – try some of the ideas in the sharing Christmas decorations roundup
  • have a special breakfast (I’m thinking Christmas-shape pancakes)
  • make Christmas treats (biscuits, chocolate balls or similar)
  • take a drive to see Christmas lights
  • wrap presents
  • look under your pillow for a Christmas treat
  • have a slideshow of 2010 photos
  • take a family Christmas photo
  • put out milk and biscuits for Santa
  • go to playgroup Christmas party
  • make gift tags/cards – try some of the ideas in the sharing Christmas – cards, gifts and wrapping roundup
And I have some new ideas for our advent activities this year …
  • take silly Christmas photos
  • hunt for signs of the season (more about this in a post soon)
  • play Christmas games – such as the Christmas dice game I made last year or some of these games at Activity Village
  • track Santa online on Christmas Eve at Norad tracks Santa
And a friend has suggested some of the activities that will be on her advent activity list (that is her lovely countdown calendar in the picture at the top of this post)
  • making a Christmas tree and decorating it2009-12-23-Brookwood (14)
  • marshmallow Christmas puddings (with chocolate, jaffas and mint leaves)
  • making paper cranes
  • making a Christmas collage from magazine clippings
  • have a treasure hunt (with picture clues and gold chocolate coins as the treasure)  


Aussie Mum said...

Oh those marshmallow Christmas puddings are such a cute idea - might have to give that a go with my boys although they may all get eaten before we have even finished!

amandab said...

I've seen a couple of activity advent calenders now, and I have to admit, it was something I had never heard or thought of, but it is now on the cards for using our advent calender next year (this year it has Christmas decorations for Princess' tree) :)

Marita said...

Build a Lego Christmas tree? We are Lego mad in our house at the moment.

Is there anywhere near you taking food donations for Christmas? Our local shopping centre management does a big food drive in December. Last year and the year before Annie and I went around Coles and she chose breakfast, lunch and dinner food (non perishable) for one family for Christmas.

You could do that on a smaller scale. Or donate food to the local animal shelter so the animals have something special for Christmas too.

Nanny said...

Collect and donate some pet food for your local pound, R.S.P.C.A or other animal shelter.

Elise said...

I have been MIA in blogland for the last few days because I have been compiling our Advent calendar. I hope to have it up on my blog tomorrow (Sunday) night.

It sure has been fun thinking up activities to keep us busy and thinking about giving during this season.

I really like your idea of the Gumnut potpourri.

Glowless said...

I love all your ideas so far. We used to go Christmas light hunting in the days before houses were lit up, and it was only the Christmas trees in the front window - but it would still work now... just start driving and and "THERE'S ONE!"

See you at the conference!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Make a paper Christmas garland.

Thread red and green straws to make a chain for the Christmas tree.

Make White Christmas or rocky road.

Mel said...

Here's what we're doing:

(There's a link to you in this post)

Deb Chitwood said...

Thanks for sharing so many ideas and links for Advent calendar activities! I added a link to your post at