November 26, 2010

sharing Christmas - decorating

Thanks for joining us.
This week we are sharing ideas for Christmas decorating.  You are sure to find something to inspire you.

There are so many wonderful Christmas decorations ready for decorating and personalizing your home for Christmas, and they are easy to do too!

Christmas Nativity Scene in Lego from Learning Activities
Clever ideas to make your own nativity scene with Lego

Santa’s Magic Key from House of Baby Piranha
What does Santa need when the house has no chimney? A Magic Santa key

An easy Christmas craft for kids

Christmas decorating with children from Adventures With Kids
Some ideas about how children can participate in decorating your home for Christmas

A friend without a blog has shared the lovely image above of her bush-inspired decorating scheme.
I'm going with the gold gum leaf, using some thick black plastic and gold doilies. I was inspired by the skeletonized leaves in the garden. I just have curly willow branches for our tree, though I might change it to old gum branches.

Homemade Decorations from Science@Home
Exploring different materials to make Christmas decorations

This year I bought a decoration I've been searching years for, a Disney Snow Globe Tree

If you have a great idea for Christmas decorating that you’d like to add please share your link and a description in the comments.

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