November 6, 2010

sharing Christmas

This year I'm hoping to share Christmas ideas with all of you.  Will you join me in blogging about Christmas?

I will be blogging about a different Christmas theme each Friday, starting on 19 November.  The themes will be ...

November 19 Christmas cards, gifts and wrapping – ideas for making gifts, cards and wrapping, possible gift lists, the picture that will go on your Christmas card

November 26Christmas decorating – when will you put up your tree? homemade decorations?  favourite decorations? how will you be decorating this year?

December 3Christmas cooking – what do you like to cook at Christmas time?  what do you like to eat at Christmas time?  what’s on the menu for Christmas day?  share a recipe.

December 10 Christmas books, music and movies – what are your favourites?  do you have a new favourite this year?

December 17Christmas traditions – what are your favourite Christmas traditions? do you leave out milk and cookies for Santa?  when do you open presents? do you always go and see Christmas lights in your neighbourhood?what do you love to eat at Christmas time? do you have an advent calendar?  do you always give to charity at Christmas time? what do you do on Christmas day?

Hopefully, some of you will blog about the same themes in the week before my post.  Then,
email me (adventureskids *at* live *dot* com) a link to your post, a title and description of your post and, if you have one, an image.  I will then include your link in my post to create a Christmas resource for each theme. 

I have created a button which you are welcome to include in your post to link back to the sharing Christmas carnival.

sharing Christmas


amandab said...

Will hopefully be starting to schedule some posts for this over the weekend as I have been busily making my cards and some decorations and have bought some new Christmas books this week :) Looking forward to taking part :D

Aspiring Mum said...

It's always good to find inspiration and new ideas from others. I'm getting my Christmas things organised, so will look forward to getting involved.

Ericasue said...

I'd love to participate in this! It has already given me some good motivation to work on some of our Christmas preparations today!

Gracie Mae said...

I love this idea! I'll have to try to remember to post!

Kara said...

What fun! I'm looking forward to sharing - thanks for hosting this :-)

Joni Llanora said...

Brlliant. I'm not crafty but I'll do my best to share something. I love this holiday & this is the first time we are celebrating it with decors & a tree since we moved to Australia. Thanks & looking forward to the great ideas...