November 12, 2010

what can we do with ice?

ice treasures
Ice is perfect to play with in summer, so here are some suggestions for icy play …
  • put ice, water and tongs in a water tray
  • add food colouring to water and freeze (make lots of different sizes).  Add the coloured ice blocks to a water tray, bath or pool.
  • put some ice on the ground and watch it melt.  Compare ice placed in the sun or shade. 
  • make coloured ice cubes and let your child choose colours to add to a ziploc bag.  Watch the colours mixing as the ice melts.
  • make ice treasures by freezing small items in water.  Use brushes, toy hammers, eyedroppers, spray bottles and so on to get the treasures out of the ice.
  • impress your kids and pick up an ice cube without touching it
  • make a model igloo (you might also want to read this fascinating investigation of igloos, which inspired this post)
  • try some ice experiments to explore the special properties of the water molecule, see ice crystals and find out why icebergs float
  • watch the interaction of oil and ice
  • make an ice bowl
or you could eat it!


Mel said...

Great ideas! We've been using ice to talk about three of the four forms of matter (I don't know how to make water into a plasma). We take out the ice (solid), watch it melt in a pan (liquid) and then turn on the heat and turn it into a gas.

Tat said...

We LOVE homemade iceblocks. I've been using orange juice and pieces of fruit.