December 9, 2010

Christmas signing

I was going to post about some of our favourite Christmas carols or about Christmas music around the world, but in the end, I’m posting about my favourite addition to our Christmas music tradition so far this year.

B has learnt to sign ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas‘ in preschool.  Having a sign for each word is a really helpful way to teach children the words to a song.

You can find directions for how to sign different songs, (including ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’) in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) at Sign Planet.

As for other carols and Christmas music we have started off our Christmas season in a sing-song style by attending Carols by Candlelight in Darwin last weekend.  

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B’s favourite carols are Jingle Bells (since that is Santa’s favourite) and Six White Boomers.

My favourite carols are Come all Ye Faithful (reminds me of my childhood) and Aussie Jingle Bells.

And living close to Darwin I have to give a shout out about a sadder kind of Christmas song – Santa Never Made it Into Darwin.  My parents-in-law and their one year old (that’s my husband) experienced Cyclone Tracy.  For me, this is what songs are all about, a different style of storytelling.  And this is a story I will teach my sons in years to come.

What are your favourite Christmas carols or songs?


amandab said...

I will have to check it out. I always wanted to learn to sign, and we know a little bit because my husband uses it a little at work, but this could be quite fun.

Our Carols are on on Sunday, and I hope the weather fines up s we can go, and don't get wet bums!

Lots of "12 Days of Christmas" around this house, and the version performed by The Ten Tenors at our Carols last year was amazing. I so hope they are back this year!

Deb said...

I love it. Both my girls have done baby signing but it has dropped away as they learned to speak. It would be fun to get back into it.

I know Santa Never Made it Into Darwin, we are the first generation living in the NT but Tracy is an important part of our history.