December 16, 2010

crackers at Christmas


One of my favourite Christmas traditions is Christmas crackers (bon-bons).  Some of my earliest memories of Christmas are of trips to the shops to find crackers for the Christmas table.  I think this trip was one of the few times we went to the shops and saw all the store decorations during Christmas.

These days, I’m unmoved by crackers I find in shops - they seem pricey with worthless gifts inside.  But I can’t have Christmas without crackers, so I began making my own. 

To make your own you can buy kits with crackers to assemble, jokes, hats and a snap.  Or you can buy packs of snaps and make your own from scratch – here are some directions online.  You can also carefully open store-bought crackers and insert your own gifts.

Homemade crackers make a great present for adults who you want to give a little something to, but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on.  They are also a lovely way to present any small (but not fragile!) gift.

Some ideas of what to put in crackers
chocolates, candy canes or other sweets
small Christmas ornaments

For children
bouncy balls
hair ties
matchbox cars
stationery – small pens, stamps, erasers, chalk
bubble mix

For adults
mini bottles of alcohol
beauty items – nail file, polish, manicure kit, lip gloss
coin purse
small tools – screwdriver, measuring tape

Do you have crackers (bon-bons) at Christmas?  What are your favourite Christmas traditions?


amandab said...

We always have the crackers too, and I am sure it is one of the things the kids look forward to most abour lunch. And they make sure we all wear our hats!

I might talk to my mum about us making them on our Christmas Craft/Cooking day next year (a tradition I am hoping to start!)

Deb said...

We love our crackers and have a family tradition too - we noticed when we were kids that the jokes were always the same or the same type. So instead of reading the jokes, we read out the punchline and everyone has to guess the joke. It's much more fun that way. And we always wear the hats!

Jackie(My Little Bookcase) said...

I was just having a with my Mum yesterday about the ridiculous price tag on Christmas bon-bons. The prce seems to be rising but the gifts inside remain low-quality.
Thanks for the suggestion. Will make my own next year too. Maybe with some home-made goodies inside too.

Christie said...

We have to have bon bons, but I've never put much thought into them, this is a great idea (especially for me as I love to make things!) to try for next year.