December 17, 2010

sharing Christmas - traditions

Thanks for joining us.
This week we are sharing our Christmas traditions from decorating the tree to making new Christmas pyjamas.
  finished decs  Christmas Decorations with Slinky Malinki from My Little Bookcase
In this post I share some ideal books and suggested activities to share with your children as you prepare to decorate your own tree.
Christmas Lights from Science@Home
Lights are a part of Deb’s family Christmas traditions
Traditions from HomeAge
There is a little joke in our family about how my youngest sister (now 23) has told my parents they must become immortal (as in they cannot die) becuase she cannot imagine Christmas done anyway other than how we have it with them.
A cute fabric found at the op shop find inspired Home Grown Mama to create a new Christmas tradition.
finished wrapping paper
After finding a delightful new Christmas book about a giant and an elf who make Santa's wrapping paper, we decided to make our own wrapping paper. It was so much fun that we want to do it year after year.
Crackers at Christmas from Adventures With Kids
Opening Christmas crackers (bon-bons) is my favourite Christmas tradition.  These days I make my own.

Look Who's Coming to (Christmas) Dinner from Motivating Mum
One family's solution to Christmas when mum and dad have gone their seperate ways.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?  Please share them in the comments.

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