December 22, 2010

We play – Christmas Lego


Christmas-themed Lego building has come up a couple of times lately.  First, Marita suggested building a Lego Christmas tree as an advent calendar activity and Ramona from Learning Activities created a nativity scene with Lego.  This week we tried some Christmas Lego building of our own.

B is very much into following directions when building with Lego.  I’m not sure if this is because our collection of blocks is small or if he lacks confidence with putting Lego together.  He doesn’t have any trouble inventing things when building with other materials. [And does anyone else find it annoying that it is really easy to get themed kits of Lego for building one item but difficult to get kits of useful pieces to complement basic building blocks].

To encourage B to try building his own ideas with Lego, I suggested we work together to build some Christmas symbols.  As you can see we built a Christmas tree, a Santa hat and a candle.


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Marita said...

That looks like lots of fun. Wish I could get my cranky girls to do any of the craft activities I'm suggesting. Everything is met with no and yelling. Most frustrating.

Philippa said...

love the little lego tree so cool!

Monkeying Around said...

A very inspiring idea. I think the lego may have to come out today. I hold a Monday blog hop every week and would love for you to join us. Here is this weeks

Jeanne said...

Love Santa's hat!

Pip said...

what a fantastic idea! i know my boys would enjoy this challenge. we are looking for something fun to try out tomorrow. So this will be our play activity!!
Thanks for the insperation!

Pip xx

Ramona - Learning Activities said...

Great ideas, I love the candle! The creative opportunities are endless with Lego and having a theme makes it fun.

amandab said...

They are all very cute :)

We are still yet to get any Lego, I just find it so expensive. One day I will bite the bullet and part with the cash for it ...