December 14, 2010

We Play – with clay

B has been wanting to experiment with clay for a long time, so I bought some air-drying clay and we had a play.

We rolled out the clay and cut shapes.  Eventually we made clay Christmas ornaments inspired by My Little Bookcase
The ornament in the picture was made by J.  I helped by rolling out his clay.  Both boys found the clay difficult to roll out, but were able to do the rest of the steps in ornament making themselves.

We also got out some googly eyes, sequins, matchsticks, buttons and other small bits and pieces and stuck them in the clay to make monsters, echidnas and Christmas trees.  But I haven’t got a photo because my hands were covered with clay.

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We Play


suburp said...

i like it when homemade things look rugged and rustic, those clay stars are great :)

amandab said...

I bought some DAAS at one point (still haven't opened it), because it felt easier to manipulate than clay. I know that Princess would lose interest pretty quickly with the clay because it is so hard. :(

Looks gorgeous though :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

Neat looking and fun clay ornaments, yeah! Thanks for sharing. Hope that you will pop by and see my blog, too. Happy holidays! Colleen

Philippa said...

The clay star is so simple and sweet I really like it. I was going to make salt dough ornaments but I don't think we will get it done this year.