January 14, 2011

boat building 101

Since we have been having a lot of rain here lately (normal for us at this time of year and not associated with flooding – unlike other parts of Australia at the moment), we have been playing around with boat building.
paper boats
my design – half a toilet roll covered with foil
The boys both made raft-like designs (okay, J just wanted something like his brother’s which I helped him make).  I did not get to photograph these due to the rush to race the boats in temporary streams.
There was a lot of learning involved as the boat builders tried different materials (some of which were too heavy to float) and designs.
As we sailed the boats in streams and puddles created by the rain, we compared our boats to other materials  - cardboard, foam, leaves and sticks – and this has given us some ideas for further boat design experimentation.

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Christie - Childhood 101 said...

You have reminded me of a fabulous alfoil gutter that I saw over on Filth Wizardry once, it looked like such fun for floating things down. I must give it a go.