January 8, 2011

Crazy 8s

This year I want to try and dedicate Saturdays to things that we are loving, what’s inspiring us and great ideas.  To kick it off, the card game I am playing over and over at the moment …
We got a special set of cards to play this game for Christmas, but you can play with any deck of cards. 
These are the instructions from Family Fun
It is a simple version of Uno.
In our (more beginner version) we play with 5 cards in each hand (and my 5 y.o. is struggling to manage that many in his hand).  Our deck also has only 40 cards.  So, you could simplify the game by taking the picture cards out of a normal deck of cards.
What I especially like about this game, from a parent’s point of view is that each round is quick, taking probably less than 5 minutes.  This is unlike some of B’s other favourites – War or Snap – which can take much (much much much) longer.

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