January 25, 2011

We Play – riding scooters, trikes and bikes

J has recently learnt to pedal the tricycle.  And he is enjoying his new skill and riding everywhere.  To encourage him B and I drew a race track on our verandah.

Since it was constructed the road has been busy with scooters, trikes and bikes.  There is even a traffic signal when mum is not too busy!


I am really looking forward to getting out on longer bike paths with both boys this year.

We Play
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Debi said...

I've never tried drawing a track to follow around the backyard ... brilliant!

Jackie H. said...

I have 2 little boys who need to burn off some energy as it is COLD and snowy here... we're redoing our basement and just ripped the carpet out. I'm totally going to draw a track down there before we put new carpet down!! Great idea!

amandab said...

That's the one thing I really like about the newest of our local play centres - there are lots of different kinds of cars, bikes and scooters, a huge track, a fill up station and a round-a-bout. Princess has more fun playing with these than the actual slides and jumping castles :)

Martianne said...

We like doing this, too. Soon you'll all be building signs and traffic signals form recyclables!

shae said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a great idea. We just bought Immy her first bike so lots of adventures into learning to pedal here too!

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