January 11, 2011

We play – with a python

A friend of ours has a pet python.  When we visited recently, B was intrigued enough to have a closer look. 

We Play
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Siân@Toru said...

Did you have a hold too?
We are planning on doing a shared birthday party for our boys next year or the one after - getting a company who bring snakes along for the kids to hold!

Deborah said...

Oh my! I am not so brave! said...

My grandsons have a pet snake and I have to admit I am partial to dogs, cats and fish. I will leave the snakes to your son and my grandsons. :) joyce

CatWay said...

I didn't have a hold. I was catching up with friends outside and my son was inside with dad when this happened.
But I confess, I don't like to have things on my neck - especially snakes.

amandab said...

Princess used to be very brave about this kind of thing, let one be put around her neck, didn't freak too much when it tried to slither done her jacket sleeve, but now! Now we can't even have a fly in the house without her screaming!

B looks very thrilled to be holding the snake, hope he doesn't develop any irrational fears, but always stays safe :)

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

One of Immy's aunties keeps snakes and Immy is much braver than me when it comes to handling them.