February 27, 2011

10 ways to make March memorable

  1. make a map of your house or neighbourhood
  2. bake an apple pie.
  3. visit a local nature spot.  You could go to the beach and build sandcastles, find a waterhole to swim in, explore a bush trail or climb to a lookout.
  4. read your favourite Dr Suess book to celebrate his birthday on March 2.  You could also play some Suess games at Suessville.
  5. collect some leaves, paint the bottom and make leaf prints.
  6. participate in Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 6 March 2011
  7. choose one plant or animal from your backyard that you don’t know much about and use books or the internet to identify it and learn more.
  8. turn off the lights at 8.30 pm on March 26 for Earth Hour
  9. go out and kick the football
  10. learn to juggle


PlanningQueen said...

Super list! I am putting together my list post for Tuesday which is about getting ready for autumn, so will link to it to give readers even more inspiration.

Abbie said...

Love those! We will absolutely be doing some of those.
Great list.

The Book Chook said...

I have one ready for Dr Seuss' Birthday and am practising my rhyming already!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Great ideas ... March 26 is NSW election day so it is sure to be memorable.
One of my 4 yr old wants to learn to juggle ...tomatoes :)
Thanks for Dr Seuss birthday ...we have a few of his books eggs & ham day maybe. Well my kids don't eat eggs but I can pretend pancakes are ;)