February 23, 2011

Singapore with kids

We’re just back from a long weekend in Singapore.  I thought I would share a few of my son’s favourite activities from our trip.

Singapore Zoo

You can visit the zoo during the day or take a Night Safari.  The Night Safari sounds really amazing, but B is not quite old enough to stay up that late without getting grumpy, so we went during the day.

We stayed about half a day at the zoo.  You could easily stay longer there was lots that we did not see.  Our favourite parts were the orangutans (including a baby), orangutan - Singapore Zoo

the walk-through bird and butterfly house where you can get really close to the wildlife with no fences between.  There were also some really interesting displays showing butterflies in all the stages of their life-cycle, including butterflies newly hatched from their cocoon whose wings were still soft.Singapore Zoo

We also enjoyed the sea-lion show which was very fast-moving and spectacular making it great for young kids. 

There are many interactive information displays for children and there is a part of the zoo (which we did not visit) dedicated to children where they can play in the water and ride a carousel.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

This is a giant ferris wheel with views over the city centre.  It takes about 35 minutes.  You can get a reasonable deal on the ticket by combining your flight with another city tour.

Going on the Singapore Flyer was my B’s favourite part of our trip.  I thought that it would be too slow-moving for him but he thoroughly enjoyed being up so high and having a great view of the city.  There are a number of interesting buildings to look at.  They were also building a floating football ground for an upcoming event, that B was interested in.  His comment was ‘What will they do when the ball goes in the water?’

SingaporeThey also had fish feeding at the base of the Singapore Flyer and this is the starting point for many city tours.

Fish Spa

Many health spas in Singapore offer a fish spa.  You place your feet in the water and the fish eat the dead skin on your feet.    The spa we visited was happy to give us a short 10 minute treatment so that we could see what it was like.  It was a bit pricey but well worth the experience. 

fish spa


You can find some more suggestions for things to do with kids in Singapore (including things for older children) from Colin at SuperParents (read the post and the comments).

What are your favourite things to do with children in Singapore?


Debi said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I love the walk-through bird & butterfly house at the Zoo. And a fish spa? Wow!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

We spent most of our zoo trip in the children's water playground - it was SOOOO humid!