February 1, 2011

We Play – eating with chopsticks

This is an activity we did early last year.  I was reminded of it when looking through our photos.   My son first tried this when learning about Asia at preschool and enjoyed it enough to give us a demonstration at home as well.

It is a great time to post about eating with chopsticks and give it another try in our house with Chinese New Year on the 3rd February.  It will also be useful practise for B, as we are visiting Singapore later this month.

You can also try picking up pom-poms or lego or other small objects with chopsticks and transferring them from one container to another.

To make things a bit easier you can use the chopsticks which are joined at the top.

We Play
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Jackie@My Little Bookcase said...

Very cool. I have seen training chopstick in the shops and have thought about giving it a go at some point.

amandab said...

We went out for a Japanese lunch the other day and was very proud of Princess and her use of chopsticks. Not great, not right, but she did get the food into her mouth, which is the important bit :)

Have a great time in Singapore!