March 30, 2011

10 ways to make April memorable

  1. commit an act of green to honour Earth Day on April 22.  You might make signs to remind everyone to turn of lights and power points after using them, plant a tree or just get outdoors and celebrate our Earth.  You can find a list of activity suggestions here and register your act of green here.
  2. learn origami
  3. attend the dawn service on Anzac Day or find another way to honour Australia’s war history.
  4. make your own hot cross buns for Easter.
  5. play marbles
  6. write a letter to someone – grandma, a cousin or a friend.  Put it in the post and see if you get a reply.
  7. get out your tent and sleep in it for the night.  This might be in your living room, in your backyard or on a camping trip. 
  8. Autumn is a great season to track the weather.  Set up a recording sheet and some weather gauges  – a thermometer, a wind vane, a rain gauge and a barometer.
  9. go to a live sporting event
  10. hold a sing-a-long.  Choose some new songs to learn together or if you lucky you might have a karaoke game. 


Glenys said...

This is a great post. I love lists, actually it reminds me of a magazine I used to buy called Notebook. Do you do these every month?
Well I've got number 10 organised already.

CatWay said...

Glenys, I usually just do one or two. I like to have lists of possible things to do, but am fairly flexible and don't require myself to do all the things.