March 7, 2011

ideas for learning adventures

Looking for something a little different to explore in your local area or to look out for when you travel to new places.  Here are some ideas for places to visit and things to do with your family that are sure to generate some learning discussions …
  • investigate the history of your town.  Find and explore local historic buildings and the cemetery.  Town libraries also often have historic photos and documents about the town.
  • follow the path of food production.  This might mean going fruit picking or visiting a farm or a local food factory (look for specialist dairies, chocolate factories and so on).  You might also be able to visit an abattoir or butcher to see how meat is prepared and produced.
  • go fossicking for fossils or gems.    Finding out where to go can take a little research with your state’s geological society, a local gem club or using Google. 
  • go op-shopping or spend a Saturday morning visiting local garage sales.  Give your children a small budget to spend.  You could also look for a dump or recycle shop to find supplies for art and crafts or deconstruction.
  • take your pencil and sketchbook to an interesting spot for some observational drawing.  You might try docks, historical buildings and monuments or the airport.

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Katie said...

You have some good ideas here. My kids are a little young for most of them, but they do enjoy op shopping. On our last trip we came home with a small jar of buttons that were used for a few different crafts that week :)