March 21, 2011

lift-the-flap book

I’ve recently discovered the blog, Bookmaking With Kids, and saw a post about lift-the-flap riddle books.  We spent one of our recent sick days looking for jokes on the internet and creating our own lift-the-flap joke books.
Our favourite joke -
How do you make an apple puff?
Chase it around the kitchen!
From Activity Village
I’ve found that folding up some little books or stapling blank pages into a book (with coloured card for a cover) and leaving them on the table, in our writing box or with the pencils has been a great motivator for drawing and writing.


Elise said...

Stapled little booklets are always a great resource to have on hand. I like your idea of the lift the flap joke books - what a perfect way to spend some time together on a day when everyone is not so well.

Michele said...

lovely idea and love that blog but couldnt see anyt way to follow or subscribe to it - any clues? Did I miss it

CatWay said...

Michele, you are right I can't see any way to follow. There is a link to a mailing list in bottom left corner or I follow using my browser address bar (I use firefox). There is an RSS icon on the end of the bar and when you click it give you options to subscribe to a page.

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

My older son used to love to write and illustrate story books when he was younger and my daughter loved to make information books. Once she started school, she would make a new book with each new topic they studied and do her own 'research' and draw pictures to go with it. I've kept them all, as her drawings and attempts at spelling some words are gorgeous.

The lift the flap books are a great idea.

Cathy said...

Thanks for your kind words about my Bookmaking With Kids blog, Catherine. Hope you and your readers have fun browsing it for other book projects; there are hundreds of them!