March 1, 2011

We Play – with the camera

Taking photos has been very popular around here lately with both my boys.  Portraits and self-portraits are a favourite …
photo 3(12)
photo 1(12)


We Play

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Philippa said...

cute photos! I have 20+ self portraits of Neevah that she took around her 4th birthday they are so fun to look at ...including photos of her toes, up her nose and lots of pulling faces :)

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I have been making a display of Immy's photos for our playroom wall. A child's eye view of the world is so much fun :)

Cate said...

ahhh pictures of teddys and feet - we have about a gazilion of these too :-) LOL
Actually my 2nd acted as unofficial photographer at my mum's wedding when she was about 4 - her POV compared with the real photographers was so sweet...