March 18, 2011

what can we do with balloons?

balloon rocket
This is a post from the archives (Jul 2009) which I thought was work a repost.  I have updated it with a few new ideas.
We love balloons at my place. They are a simple but versatile plaything. Here are some of the many different things you can do with balloons …

WARNING: balloons are a choking hazard for young children so please take care.
  • play Keep It Up. Try to keep the balloon off the ground by batting it with your hands. Can be played with one or more people.
  • play volleyball with a balloon. 
  • play tennis with a balloon. You can use improvised racquets – perhaps, a cardboard roll or a fly swat
  • Toys from Trash has instructions for balloon rockets (as seen in the picture above) and hovercraft
  • rub the balloon on your hair to make it stand up. This is a demonstration of static electricity (lightning is an example of static discharge).
  • blow up your balloon, and paper mache and then decorate the outside to create a pinata.
  • use balloons to make juggling balls as shown at the Surfing Scientist
  • blow up a balloon and decorate it to look like a face
  • blow up a balloon just a little bit, dip the end in paint and use it to print on your paper
  • fill the balloons with water and throw them to each other.  Watch out they don’t pop!
And one more idea from the comments on my original post (thanks SquiggleMum) …
  • “play balloon tag. Tie a balloon around each child's ankle (don't make the string too long). Run around and try to pop each other's balloon without your own popping! Of course, this game is only fun provided the kids aren't afraid of noisy popping balloons! LOL”

What fun games have you played with balloons?

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