April 29, 2011

10 ways to make May memorable


  1. hunt for autumn treasures in your garden or local neighbourhood – different kind and colour of fallen leaves, a leaf skeleton, mushrooms, butterflies, a spiderweb
  2. read a story or go to the library on May 25 for National Simultaneous Storytime 
  3. find a tree to climb
  4. make herbal tea
  5. make and fly a kite.  Since Japan’s Childrens Day festival is on May 5 it is a nice time to make a carp kite (koinobori).
  6. go for a walk or walk to school on 20 May for Walk Safely to School Day
  7. make a picture collage with leaves like these at waddlee-ah-chaa or Pink and Green Mama.
  8. cook and eat pumpkin soup
  9. create your very own animation by making a flip book
  10. let your kids draw their ultimate bedroom.  Work together to see what ideas you can add to give their room a refresh.

And one extra thing for May this year, head over to Playing by the Book and join the 2011 international postcard swap.  The deadline for signing up is Tuesday 17 May.


Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Loving your 'memorable' posts. We have a heap of pumpkins growing at the moment, any ideas for other pumpkin recipes as we are not big Pumpkin soup eaters!

CatWay said...

We like pumpkin scones too. Or you could try pumpkin pie - although I've never made one. And I roast pumpkin cubes and add them to salad which is yum!

Chelli said...

Thank you! Fun ideas