April 27, 2011

Beetle dice game

This is a fun, quick game for 2 or more players which helps your child to recognise the numbers 1 to 6.

Here’s how to play:

You will need: pencil and paper for each player, dice

The beetle has 13 parts – a body, a head, two eyes, two antenna, six legs and a tail.  To draw each body part you must roll its corresponding number on the die
1 is for the body
2 is for the head
3 is for each eye
4 is for each antennae
5 is for each leg
6 is for the tail
You cannot draw any body parts until you have rolled a 1 for the body.  You cannot add eyes and antenna until you have rolled a 2 for the head.

Players take turns rolling the dice.  The winner is the first person to complete the beetle.

If your child can’t yet read well enough to know what each number represents you might want to draw a template to help them.
You can use numbers on the template and let your child match the number symbol to the number of dots on the die.  To make it easier you can put the dot patterns on your template.


Mel said...

I love this idea! I am going to have to link to it over at Your Wild Child ;)

Ramona said...

I used to play this game as a child. The local St. John's Ambulance center used to run a charity night where 20 tables would play at once and the winners would play each other. Great fun...fond memories. You can get it in plastic form now as a boxed game.