April 17, 2011

ideas for Easter egg hunts

Easter egg hunts are traditional for many families on Easter morning.  They are also great fun for any Easter party celebrations.

Traditionally, you hide the eggs up, down and around and the children run around finding them all.  After having run a few of these hunts for our playgroup here are my tips …
  • if you have lots of littlies, you might just want to scatter the eggs over the ground and let them run around collecting them all.
  • if you have a mix of ages you might want to designate an small area for the youngest children.  Otherwise, the older children often find all the easiest eggs before the littlies even get moving.
  • to ensure fairness, you might want to have everyone find the eggs and bring them to a central spot to be divvyed up equally between all children.
  • we usually hide plastic eggs for our egg hunt because chocolate eggs melt in the hot weather.  At the end of the hunt they are traded in for one or two chocolate eggs. 
  • if you are having a family hunt, it might be fun to hide an egg or two in mum or dad’s pocket!
Here are some other ways you can run an Easter egg hunt
  • run a ribbon or piece of wool from the hiding spot to a starting point.  Label the start of the ribbon with the hunters name.  If there are a few hunters weave the ribbons in and around other people’s ribbons.  This type of hunt works best in a small area (unless you have a lot of ribbon)
  • draw a map of your house, garden or the area of the hunt.  Mark each hidden egg on the map and let your children use the map to find all the eggs.
  • leave a clue for the egg hunter, a photograph or message about where they can find the next clue.  Have the hunters follow the trail of clues to the easter egg prize.  The clues can be as easy or cryptic as you like.  If you use photographs, the closer the camera is to the object you are photographing the more cryptic the picture (usually).  Messages can range from ‘Under you pillow’ to something like ‘Where you would lay your head to sleep?’
Is an Easter egg hunt part of your family tradition? 

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Cate said...

Love easter egg hunts!! Love the wool idea too.
Here's another idea for you: in a public park to keep the hunt just for your party kids, hide painted pop sticks to trade in for eggs at the end :-)

Deb said...

I was planning on a map, but I like the string idea too! We are going to be away, so string is probably more practical in a strange place.