April 7, 2011

my favourite easy art projects

I don’t ordinarily mind doing art projects with my children.  I put out a couple of big cloths to cover everything and let them get on with it.  And when they’re done, I put them and any washing up in the shower. 
But some days when you are already feeling stressed or you are pushed for time, you just don’t feel like doing the cleaning that art projects often require.  There are my favourite easy clean art projects for those times.

  • playdough sculptures.  Give your children some playdough and accessories like, matchsticks, feathers or googly eyes and invite them to create a sculpture.  You can change around the accessories to create different experiences, for example, try adding shells or items collected from your backyard. 
  • stained glass window collages.  Cut a piece of contact paper to your desired shape.  Give your child a collection of bits and pieces to collage with – pieces of cellophane, tissue paper, other fancy papers, pictures from magazines, feathers, button – and let them stick to their heart’s content.  When they’re done stick their creation to the window, or cut another piece of contact to cover and hang the collage in the window.
  • tape art.  Assuming your child is old enough to cut the tape by themself, give them some rolls of tape in different colours and invite them to create a tape picture.  You can do this when you child is younger by cutting the tape for them, but they can be very demanding about getting the exact length of tape that they need.
Now it’s your turn.  Please share in the comments.  What’s your favourite easy art activity? 


Chapter Forty said...

Crayon rubbings on paper are fairly mess free and are great with coins, different textured surfaces and for taking outside.

Ramona said...

I love the contact paper stained glass window idea - this would be great for Christmas too!