April 11, 2011

paper toys

tank - Home and Life Show
Do you remember making paper toys as a child?

You remember the ones – you punch them out of the cardboard, fold them and slide tabs into slots to hold them in shape.  They can be very fiddly to make, but can be a quick way to get a really good looking toy or set of toys to play with.

I can remember buying books of them as a child to make villages of houses or historical settings (like a castle).

We went to an expo this weekend.  The defence forces, police, fire and ambulance services were there with vehicles on display and bits and pieces to give away to interested people. 

One of their giveaways were some great paper toys. 
There are plenty of places to find these sort of paper toys online.  All you need is access to a printer and some heavier than normal paper.  When you make your own paper toys you will, of course, have the extra task of cutting them out.

[Disclaimer: These are some sites I like for paper toys, but I can’t claim to have made all the models I’m suggesting here]

The Toymaker has a great selection of simple paper toys.  These are probably the best place to start for toys your children can make with minimal assistance.  Try a race car, a toy shop or wind boats.

PaperToys has a wide selection of models, some of them quite complex.  Try Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Sydney Opera House.

Canon has some beautiful models in just about every theme imaginable.  Some of them look very complicated though.  What about making a rabbit or a rabbit dress-up for Easter.

Did you make paper toys as a child?


A Vecchioni said...

I was pretty much a paper airplane kid; there was a small hill near our house, perfect for launching the planes into a breeze. My wife, on the other hand, loved paper dolls when she was a tot. Cheers! -AV

Deb said...

We had paper dolls, I don't remember models. I'll have to check out those links they sounds lovely.

amandab said...

Will definitely be heading out to check out some of those a little bit later (when I don't have someone pulling on my arm!) :)