May 3, 2011

camp out in the backyard

The good stuff …


We played ...
  • collecting wood, lighting the fire and keeping the fire going
  • with flashing, light up toys
  • catching bugs
  • and the grown ups tested out an iPhone app for finding constellations and other objects in the night sky.  I downloaded a couple of free apps and our favourite was SkyView Free (but the Southern Cross was not listed as a constellation, so if you can recommend a more southern sky friendly app, please leave a comment).  This is a fun way to learn more about the night sky.
And the bad stuff ...

It was very exciting and difficult to sleep and then, after a little sleep in the tent it was all a bit too scary and inside seemed better.  Past experience has taught us that there is good reason to have a practise camp out in  in the backyard before going away from home!

If you want some tips on how to have a successful camping trip (away from home) with the kids, here is a list of some helpful resources.

We Play
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Mama Pea Pod said...

This looks like good, old-fashioned family fun! Love it!

We are starting a new Outdoor Play linky party starting this coming Friday (May 13). Please consider coming by to link this up!

By the way, I, too, just heard about that app the other day and we are definitely going to try it out now. Thanks for the tip!

Kate @ An Amazing Child said...

Thanks for sharing with us Catherine. I always enjoy finding Aussie bloggers to share and connect with.

I have to say your yard looks amazing! What fun that would be to explore. Oh and great tip about doing a practice run first. I wouldn't have thought of that :)

Hope to see you again next week.